A Wild Discus Hardscape
"Tree Pose"
An Altum angelfish hardscape
Some fishes of Tanganyika
Tanglerose- A Hardscape for Roseline Sharks
A Brackish Hardscape- Gothic Feel
A Layout for Fancy Goldfish 
A Simple Hardscape Design 
Commercial Hardscape Room Divider with Discus 
An Aquascape for Frontosa 
Red Discus Hardscape 
A Long and Lean Hardscape
A Classic African Cichlid Hardscape 
An Expanded Hardscape View
An Aquascape for Ventralis and Friends
A Half-Cylinder Tropheus Hardscape
Aquarium and Interior Harmony
Aquarium and Interior Harmony
Tanganyikan Hardscape Custom Installation 
Tanganyikan Slate Hardscape 
A Custom Aquarium Installation for an Eclectic Interior