Aquarium Design Group (ADG) was founded in 2000 by brothers Mike and Jeff Senske. Combining a lifelong passion for aquariums with their love for art, design, and architecture, the brothers set out to create a new kind of custom aquarium design, installation, and maintenance firm founded on the belief that the aquarium could be elevated to the same respected heights as other forms of art. To balance the specific needs of the precious lifeforms that make their work possible with an aesthetic sensitivity to form, function, and space would become their life's work. And to have the word aquascape become a fundamental term in the aquarium ownership conversation would become their obsession.

From the beginning ADG focused on freshwater aquariums as opposed to the existing standard in the aquarium service industry of saltwater aquariums. The brothers believed firmly in the ability of the freshwater aquarium to transcend the somewhat fixed aesthetic of the saltwater aquarium with the wider array of decorative elements and overall visual opportunity a properly envisioned and composed freshwater aquarium offers. Different species of driftwood, stones, and substrates could be combined to create many different looks, while also being warmer, more natural, more tunable to various interior styles. Add to it the ultimate simplicity of a freshwater system (filtration, lighting, etc) compared to saltwater systems, and it becomes a choice that for the majority of clients is an obvious one once exposed to the possibilities.

But it was certainly not to say that Mike and Jeff did not also possess a great appreciation for a thoughtfully composed saltwater aquarium as well. As evidenced by many exceptional past and present marine aquarium works in their portfolio, it is a style at which ADG excels and embraces with full commitment and passion. The sophistication and unrivaled effect a live coral reef or ornamental marine fish system has on a space can not be underestimated. And with the rapid advancement of both new technologies and aquaculture (captive breeding) of more and more marine life, the dream of a truly efficient, sustainable, conscientious, marine aquarium is closer everyday.

From Mike and Jeff Senske and the entire team at ADG, we look forward to the opportunity to bring to your space the unique underwater fusion of nature and design that is a custom aquarium installation by Aquarium Design Group. We invite you to experience our online portfolio, video library, and to join us on our Facebook page for all of our latest news, project updates, and new photo and video additions.